There are those who are in your corner.
There are those who show up for you.
Who do you find in the beautiful overlap? 

Love this message.



There are those who are in your corner.

There are those who show up for you.

Who do you find in the beautiful overlap? 

Love this message.

So Ji Sub – 6PM Ground


(answering machine)
Jagiya naya mwohae? Bappeunga?
Jibe bul kyeojyeo itdeonde…
Babeun meogeun geoya?
Yeollak gidarigo isseunikka hwaginhamyeon jeonhwa jwo
Jigeum jip apiya

Na eotteokhae
Neowa haengbokhaetdeon gieokdeul areumdaun sigandeul amugeotdo saenggangnajil anha
Chagaun naebang guseokguseok ne sajingwa chueogi gadeukhande
Eotteoke… Ne eolguljocha tteooreujil anha
Nae meorissogeun ontong eoreumcheoreom chagapge tto museopge neoreul naechideon gieongman gadeukhae
Babocheoreom nega sangcheo badeulkkabwa deo apahalkkabwa deo sirheohalkkabwa
Neoegero hyanghaneun nae maeumeun dwirohan chae naneun jeomjeom geopjaengiga doeeoga

Nan kkeutkkaji mollasseo
Eotteoke hamyeon nega utneunji nega haengbokhae haneunji…
Ijeya algesseo babocheoreom
Hajiman neomu neujeotji…
Huhoehaedo gieokharyeohaedo jabeuryeo haedo

Nega gieokhaneun naui majimak moseubeul jiul suneun eobtjiman
Majimakkkaji naege haejun ttatteutago sarangseureoun baeryeo
Nan kkeutkkaji itji motalgeoya

Useo neon utneun ge jeil yeppeunikka
Useo neon utneun ge jeil yeppeo
Useo neon utneun ge jeil yeppeunikka

Naege deo isang sarang geimeun eobseo
Saranghae gg

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(Answering machine)
Baby, it’s me – what are you doing? Are you busy?
Your house had its lights on
Did you eat?
I’m waiting for your call so when you get this, call me back
I’m in front of your house right now

What do I do?
The happy memories with you, our beautiful times – I can’t remember any of them
In my cold room, there are pictures and memories of you in every corner
What to do? I can’t even remember your face
My head feels like it’s filled with ice, only filled with memories of me coldly pushing you out
Like a fool, in case you’d get hurt, in case you’d be in more pain, in case you’d hate me more
I pushed back my heart toward you and became more and more of a coward

I didn’t know till the end
How to make you laugh, how to make you happy
Now I know, like a fool
But it’s too late
I regret, I try to remember, I try to hold on
But now, you’re not here

I can’t erase my last image in your memory
But your warm and loving care that you gave me till the end
I won’t forget it till the end

Smile because you’re the prettiest when you smile
Smile because you’re the prettiest when you smile
Smile because you’re the prettiest when you smile

There is no love game to me anymore
I love you, GG


"You and me being together is more dangerous."


"You and me being together is more dangerous."

[ENG] 120915 tvN SNL Korea - How to Become Yoon Yoon Jae by Seo In Guk


from TED Talk by Meg Jay, “Why 30 is not the new 20”. She gives three pieces of advice for how twentysomethings can reclaim adulthood in the defining decade of their lives.

"Forget about having an identity crisis and get some identity capital. By get identity capital, I mean do something that adds value to who you are. Do something that’s an investment in who you might want to be next. No one knows the future of work, but I do know this: identity capital begets identity capital. So now is the time for that cross-country job, that internship, that start-up you want to try. I am not discounting twentysomething exploration here, but I am discounting exploration that’s not supposed to count, which by the way, is not exploration. That is procrastination. Explore work and make it count.  
Urban tribe is overrated. Best friends are great for giving rides to the airport, but twentysomethings who huddle together with like-minded peers limit who they know, what they know, how they think, how they speak and where they work. That new piece of capital, that new person to date, almost always comes from outside the inner circle. New things come from what are called are weak ties, our friends of friends of friends. So yes, half of twentysomethings un- or underemployed. But half are not, and that weak ties are how you get yourself into that group. Half of new jobs are never posted, so reaching out to your neighbor’s boss is how you get that un-posted job. It is not cheating. It is the science of how information spreads.  
The time to start picking your family is now. Now you may be thinking that 30 is actually a better time to settle down than 20, or even 25, and I agree with you. But grabbing whoever you’re living with or sleeping with when everyone on Facebook starts walking down the aisle is not progress. The best time to work on your marriage is before you have one. That means being as intentional with love as you are with work. Picking your family is about consciously choosing who and what you want, rather than just making it work or killing time with whoever happens to be choosing you.”

shiitake congee: recipe here


shiitake congee: recipe here


Perhaps you’ve heard: Sitting is the new smoking. For years, a growing body of research has shown sitting for extended periods of time, the way most of us do for50 to 70 percent of our lives, can cause a host of issues from lower back pain to diabetes to an increased risk of death.

The Stir Kinetic Desk automatically and strategically adjusts between sitting and standing positions based on data it collects about your habits over time. The Stir Kinetic Desk is simple to operate, because all of its controls are packed into a little built-in touchscreen on the desk’s bottom left-hand corner. After you initially store your preferred sitting and standing heights, double-tapping on the touchscreen will cause the desk to move up or down. 

We got to try one out at the office. Watch.

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